Saturday, May 4, 2013


My dad's birthday was last week, and he's a very hard person to buy gifts for. Usually he's happiest (and we're least offended) when he gives us a list and we just buy him stuff from it, because then he gets what he wants and doesn't insult our choices or turn right around and return them when it's stuff he wasn't planning on and doesn't like. (He doesn't do well with surprises). So... I got him a Moe's gift card, and my Mom ordered him a bunch of stuff offline, including the new Dido CD since he's a big fan of hers.


My Mom ordered 2 CDs in the same shipment, one for him and one for Oma (her mom) for Mother's Day. She was so preoccupied with getting Oma's CD packaged and shipped that she has no idea what became of the Dido one. She turned over all her normal hiding spots to no avail. And knowing how he is about wasting money, she didn't want to just turn around and buy him another one then have the hidden one show up months from now. So she told him what had happened and we all had a massive hunt, and still nothing.

Well, I was at Target on Wednesday and they were having a sale on the CD, so I figured why not? I got it and hid it in this copper container that Mom got from some catalogue and uses as a magazine holder on the table next to her chair in the den. I slipped her a note telling her where it was, figuring she would know the best way to "stumble upon" it and let him know we'd "found" it. I was thinking she was going to do it immediately, like, that night, but no... a couple days go by and we still haven't had the big Dido unveil.

I asked her today if she'd given it to him and she said she couldn't find it. That she'd emptied the whole container, went through magazine by magazine (which was unnecessary; she should have been able to see it looking down from above), and that it wasn't there. While she'd been going through the container she found a bunch of stuff she didn't want anymore so she tossed that out. We even pulled that stuff out of the trash and it wasn't there either.

We were hoping Dad had found it and just hadn't mentioned it to us. But he just got home from reffing and seemed confused when Mom asked. "Don't you think I would have told you if I'd found it?"

I am so pissed off. And a little frightened. Because to my mind this means one of two things: either my memory's completely messed up and I didn't do what I said I did (because I can literally see it there. I even went back and double-checked it was still there. I know I put it there!), or Mom's memory is messed up. Maybe she went and moved it somewhere else and now can't even remember she did that? I don't know.

I'm considering going to the store and buying a third Dido CD and putting it directly in his hands. Or waiting until he's at home, and walking into the room with it in my hands, and just lying and saying I found it somewhere.

Bloody fucking hell.

I have a migraine, and I'm pretty sure my period's about to start, so neither of those things is helping my mood right now, and then this? Seriously? Somebody just find the fucking CD already and get this over with!

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