Monday, July 25, 2011

The Hand You're Dealt

"You play the hand you're dealt,"
but when you're only given one
you might as well have some fun.

Why let anyone else write the story
when you're the one holding the pen?
You won't get a chance to do any of this again.

So be brave and a little bit reckless,
show strength and self control
and understand that you may never feel quite whole.

Don't be satisfied with comfort.
Seek a deeper call.
Better to wander than never leave home at all.

Love without hesitation,
for wounds mend and brokenness heals
but a safe, sterile heart might never learn to feel.

Be wise in the things that matter
but cling to hope like a fool,
for Fate has been known on occasion to bend all the rules.

You are more than the sum of your moments
so don't cast blame on your stars.
Stand up and be the person you truly are.

We allow ourselves to sit dormant,
lying low, with nothing at stake:
a deep hibernation from which we may never wake...

Well, I'm done with that pitiful charade.
If the hand I'm dealt isn't much fun
then let's play a new game - 52 card pickup, anyone?