Sunday, March 17, 2013

(Re)birth day

So, it's official. 27. Feels... not at all different from 26. Go figure.

It's silly to make these "big gesture" statements about how I want to change in the coming year, because of course I'm not going to do things perfectly. I'm not going to write every day or keep to a healthy diet or be kind and patient with every person who comes my way. But I'd rather aim high and miss (insert cliche about moon and stars here) than not bother at all.

So, for year 27 in my life...

Top priority is writing Joan. Like, actually writing it. I was talking to Rebekah on the phone tonight about where I was with it, explaining there's roadmap writing and there's story writing. Well, I've been roadmapping Joan for a while. Do I have all my answers? No. Are there still big holes? Yes. But I've been down the road before with Wishbook where I roadmapped my way through years and years until I hit a dead end and just gave up. I don't want to lose this one. I want to sit down and force myself to story write it. I want to give people something to read, some idea of the story bubbling in my head, even if it's a mediocre version of it. Because you can take mediocre and work with it. You can't exactly work with nothing.

A secondary writing goal would be 13 Days for this year, as well as Half Miracle. But the main focus HAS TO BE Joan.

Another priority is to sort out my financials. Pay off my debt, and not get into anymore. Find an apartment. Possibly figure out some form of health insurance. In other words, become a responsible adult. I also want to start saving for the Europe trip next year. Somehow I will make it happen.

A final goal would be to give some thought to spiritual matters. Really figure out where I stand on things and why.

Art. Money. Faith. Some good things to focus on this year. We'll leave other things (Relationships. Career. Etc. ) for some other time.

27. Let's give it a whirl.

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