Monday, April 4, 2011

BEDA 3: In Which Kate Moss Is Crazy But Partially Correct

Kate Moss is attributed as saying "Nothing tastes as good as being this thin." I would argue that she obviously hasn't had Krispy Kreme glazed donuts when the "Hot N Now" sign is on, or a salted caramel brownie at Amelie's either for that matter, but that's beside the point. The truth is, I've always scoffed at her declaration, but now that I've lost 40 pounds I have to say she's kind of right. Being thin (or in my case, thinner) feels GREAT.

When I had lost 20 pounds, I went to the fitness aisle in target and picked up two ten pound weights, just to get a feel for how much I wasn't carrying around anymore. I was surprised at that heaviness, but it made sense: that's why I'd always felt to slow, so "heavy," so weighed down. Because I literally was.

But that's perhaps as far as my belief in Kate's statement can go. Because while I never want to allow myself to gorge so much that I'm back up to my highest weight again, I love food too much to ever become anorexic. It's a balance: after all, food is fuel. If your body's a vehicle how can you be expected to go anywhere without it?

Here are some things I've figured out though:
(1) If you're hungry, try drinking water because sometimes that feeling you're interpreting as hunger is actually thirst.
(2) If you've had a glass or two of water and you're still hungry, eat something. I've lost 40 pounds and can only think of one or two times when I purposefully didn't eat when I was hungry... and those cases were mostly toward the beginning when I was still figuring all this dieting stuff out.
(3) To reiterate: you don't have to starve to lose weight.
(4) If you think you've eaten too much, cancel it out by exercising more. Walk an extra lap around the neighborhood. Do jumping jacks. Whatever. Extra physical activity should help balance everything out.
(5) If you "mess up" and eat too much, or eat extremely rich or decadent foods, guess what? Yes, you may have gained one or two pounds when you step on the scale tomorrow. But you can work on losing it again tomorrow. It's extended periods of irresponsible eating that will really mess you up. If you have a "fun day" every once in a while where you don't think about what you eat, it's not going to do too much damage. Sometimes it even helps jerk you out of a "plateau" (an extended period at the same weight without loss or gain, often caused when the body thinks you're not getting enough nutrients and goes into starvation mode).
(6) Be realistic about what you'll actually eat. If you hate fat free hot dogs as much as I do, don't even waste your time or money or space in the refrigerator buying them. That's all it'll be - a big fat miserable waste. It's better to splurge on calories every once in a while for something you actually enjoy than to eat stuff you hate.

There are more things that have come to me over the past few weeks, but I can't really think of them now. In any case, to recap: being thin feels good. You're lighter, freer, all around better off. But food is delicious and should be enjoyed in moderation. And Kate Moss, while gorgeous, is kind of crazy.

Alright then. Time for bed. Another BEDA tomorrow!

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