Tuesday, July 29, 2014


I’ve been meaning to get on here a lot more in the last few months. You tend to have ideas that are bigger than 140 characters, concepts Twitter witticism won’t adequately convey. You want to throw them out into the universe (AKA the internet), but what’s a girl without a Wi-Fi connection do? Well, in my case I did the old-fashioned kind of blogging: in a journal.

But there’s one very important thing I’d like to clear up about my last blog post.

The internet may not last forever, but certain things posted on it sure seem to. A simple Google search can sometimes make or break you – and it’s not just a potential job interview it could ruin, but also a reputation. I was very emotional when I wrote that last post, but even then I had this at the back of my mind and chose very purposefully not to name any of the people I was talking about. But I certainly gave enough descriptors that anyone in my immediate circle who read this (and possibly some beyond it) would be able to identify them: “my friend” whose birthday it was, “the alcoholics,” etc.

I’m not going to take the post down. What happened did actually happen to me. But I wanted to mention something that may have been obvious to you when you read it, but should still be highlighted and underlined and emphasized in every way possible…

What happened on the boat. (Yeahhhhhhh. Sorry for the reminder, but at least you don’t have the visuals I have.) Anyway, my recollection of what happened was told through the lens of my current state of mind. Wine and absinthe definitely have a way of messing with your perspective, especially the copious quantities I consumed. So everything I said about this guy and the way he seemed to be, well… you know… purposefully exposing himself to me. The truth is, I don’t know. It seemed that way to me in that state of mind I was in. But I can’t honestly speak to his intent. And I can’t honestly trust my recollection. If by some unlikely chance this blog post came to people’s attention, and his name became known, I would hate to ruin someone’s reputation based on something that could have been a misunderstanding.

Don’t get me wrong… it’s still pretty weird what he did. And I may have been right. It could have been intended as I originally read the situation. BUT – there’s a chance it wasn’t. And any sliver of a reasonable doubt is enough to get someone off in court, so I feel like in the court of public opinion we ought to give him a chance.

Anyway, that was bothering me, the fact that I left things that way. So I just wanted to clear it up.  But there are many other, far more important things to write about… So on we go!

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