Saturday, September 1, 2012

Blue Moon

'Twas a blue moon tonight. So naturally to celebrate I put on Van Morrison's "Moondance" and danced around like an idiot under the night sky out in our driveway. I'm a terrible dancer, but the moonlight seemed to make up for any of my failings. It really is a fantastic dance partner if you're ever looking for someone to take you for a spin.

I have a history with blue moons. Well, kind of. Nothing spectacular, just sweet. Once a few years back my grandmother ("Oma") was visiting when a blue moon happened to occur. We all knew there wasn't anything particularly significant about a blue moon - I mean, it wasn't actually blue or any bigger than usual or anything - but we all still wanted to go out and see it, at least me and Oma and my mom. But Oma's back wasn't doing so well so a walk to the end of the driveway for a clear view didn't seem possible. So what did we do instead? We piled into the car, rolled down the windows, and drove to the end of the driveway. Well, if you've ever been to my house you'll know we're at the end of a gravel drive tucked back in the woods, so by pulling up to the entrance you had trees hanging down on each side almost like theatre curtains, then this small window of sky framing this huge, perfect full moon. It was glorious. We just sat there with the cool evening air drifting in the open window looking up at the sky and marveling.

Blue moons are magic. They just are. And that expression, "once in a blue moon," I don't take it to mean "once in a while" like just something every now and then. I think it means something important, something special, because for me that's what blue moons have always brought. Maybe it's a reminder too that little things can be enormous if we remember to just actually look at them. My driveway at night. A big shining rock in the sky. The people in my life. All of it... amazing.

I wish you blue moons and wonder and incredible, unexpected happenings.

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