Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Movie Trailer Life

I wanted my life to be a movie trailer life, all the best bits edited flawlessly together, a thing of vast potential and glorious promise. But my life, instead, is the movie, one moment after another after another. It's not playing out the way I thought it would. I could try to blame the writing, find some flaw in the design, or maybe it's the acting - am I just sleepwalking through my role? But ultimately I think it's meant to be this way. I think it's good that our lives aren't movie trailer lives, because so often that's all just hype. And it always feels a bit unnatural anyway, trying to cram a story that takes hours to tell into a measly three minutes. So let my life unspool before me, all its plot twists and plot holes and meandering dialogue. Minute after minute after minute. Even without the benefit of editing or a flashy title sequence, I'm sure I'll find my story and I'll find my way.

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