Wednesday, May 16, 2012

sea of ice

I will set me adrift on a sea of ice
on a sea of ice I will sail
Not a wonder, my darling, we go nowhere
on a sea of ice we sail
I will set my course with a wayward wind
cast my anchor in the stars
I was never a sailor and never a wanderer
destined to go but to never get far
never get never get far

I will cushion the blows of an angry tide
with pillows of seaweed and sand
Lost to the sleep of the oceans deep
on billowing seaweed and sand
Darkness encumbers those seeking out slumber
weighs in their dreams like a grief
I will drink in the brine like air or like wine
for I’m destined to set out but never to leave
never to never to leave

I will sing you each moment out loud like a song,
yes you are the song I’ll sing.
And love, that fumbling foreign tongue,
gives words to the song I sing.
My twisting strands of metaphor
won’t translate into sense
for madness and love fit hand in glove
I’m destined to hope but never to chance
never to never to chance

I will eat my fill of this empty bowl
I will bathe my face in fire
fling away my young and foolish soul
I will set my life on fire
I’m done with destiny and fate
They’ve had their hold on me
So I’ll carve a path through this sea of ice
and we’ll see what there is to see
see what there is to see

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