Saturday, February 12, 2011

I Am A...

I was browsing twitter looking for a review of the new Starkid play "Starship" which just debuted tonight when I spotted someone's Bio box. I've always been bad at filling those things out. One paragraph to give you an idea of who I am? Yeah, I've had 24 years and I still haven't figured that one out... But I liked this particular one. In one or two words or short phrases this girl explained all her likes and fandoms. Brief, concise, and yet wonderfully informative. I won't link to it here (I'm not that much of a creeper), but she did inspire me to try to think of some of my own short descriptors. Here's a list below....

How many do you recognize?

I AM A...

Wild Thing

Frequent visitor to the 100 Acre Wood

Daughter of Eve

American Girl


Sweet Valley alumnus

Card-carrying member of the BSC

Trenchcoat Twins detective

Animated princess in disguise

Nickelodeon junkie

Power Ranger


Warrior for Redwall

Lego architect




Doctor's companion

District 12 tribute



One of the Scoobies (think Slayer, not Shaggy)



Gilmore Girl

The Dalton Academy Warblers' official stalker

Resident of London Below

Amanda Palmer killer

Guest on "Troy and Abed in the Morning"

Pawnee Parks & Rec intern


LEPrecon officer

(Former) resident of Forks, WA

There are many more I should add to the list, but my brain isn't bringing them to mind. Still, it's a fairly exciting list. Much better than the real-life version:



Wannabe author

Total cliche.

We'll have to work on that a bit, won't we?

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