Sunday, April 12, 2009


The idea that a person
could inspire a whole nation,
striking fear in the hearts of leaders
who would prefer the mindless masses
remain mindless and unquestioning.,,

The idea that this person
who inspired learning,
who incited and protested,
whose radical way of thinking
revolutionized the times…

The idea that this person
The selfless activist
The ideal candidate
The man with the
fringe of society
type thinking,

would have to die for it?

Even worse, the idea
that Death could somehow
keep him down.

Because like most who think
outside the box
this friend-of-druggies
nobody from the middle of nowhere—
well, he found a loophole.

This dead-and-gone
door-to-door salesman of
a revolutionary hope
must have invested in
a great deal of his own product.
Because death lost the match,
I tell you—
runner up,

and the champion
strode back into the arena of life

The idea that such a person
could lead such a life
could be forced into such a death
and could, even then, find life again:
I think that’s an idea worth celebrating.

Because even if you don’t know this man
or even if you don’t believe him,
you must believe the idea
that, faced with death, we all have the right
no, I’d say the responsibility,
to fight our way out,
to choose life.

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