Sunday, January 25, 2009

25 Things

1. I've always secretly thought the bathroom is the coolest room in a house. Think about it: you both wash away outer dirt and get rid of inner dirt, purifying yourself. Weird? Yes. But cool.
2. Daffodils are my favorite flower, not necessarily because of how they look or smell but because whenever they show up I know winter is finally over.
3. I used to believe a unicorn lived in my neighbor's backyard.
4. If I could live anywhere in the world it would be in London.
5. I want to win a Newbery Award one day.
6. One day I will visit every continent on the globe.
7. I think I'm part hobbit. Specifically part Took... you know, the kind that's prone to wander.
8. I not-so-secretly wish I could live out of a gypsy wagon and just travel all over, never living anywhere too long.
9. I'm not a nerd but I don't think I qualify as a geek either. Dork might be close, but even that's not right.
10. I collect cool glass bottles, unique in color, shape, or size. I especially love jewel-tone glass.
11. Why drive when you can ride?
12. Why run when you can walk?
13. Trees DO make good landmarks.
14. In medieval England I would have been a witch; in Victorian times I would have been an old maid; in the sixties I would have been a hippie. Now I get to be all three.
15. Cheese is the reason God invented taste buds.
16. Writer's block is to me as a knight is to a dragon: a pesky, annoying thing that, if it gets you in your weak spot, could be the death of you.
17. Incense is better than a scented candle any day.
18. The only thing I don't like about the beach is sand. Fun to play with, but I hate how it sticks all over you and gets in everything and refuses to go away.
19. If the world was flat, how cool would it be as an astronaut to fly to the bottom? What if there was a whole race of alien life forms that lived life upside down?
20. Doors fascinate me. There's always something just out of sight on the other side.
21. If my feet were as big as clowns' shoes maybe I wouldn't sprain my ankles so much.
22. My celebrity crushes come in waves that last about two weeks. For two weeks I'm hopelessly devoted, then suddenly my interest just flits away.
23. I'm more interested in truth than religion.
24. I've found my way by sunlight, moonlight, lamplight, flashlight, and firelight, but never by starlight.
25. If life was a box of chocolates, I'd want to be the gummy bear that somehow slipped into the mix.

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