Monday, June 12, 2017

I Never Stood A Chance

Sword in hand
Here I stand
There are dragons in the land
But their fire burns too bright for me
I never stood a chance

Shield raised high
Orange sky
Scaly giants that can fly
How could I expect to triumph here?
I'm not ready to die

Everybody told me that this has a happy ending
But how could they know for sure when it's not written yet?
The idea that goodness could conquer and that love would win the day
Is a myth as golden as a knight's shining armor - but who really can say...?

Keyhole eyes
Empty lies
None of this
Should be surprise
Your heart as flattened as your shadow
The tree grows taller than the sky

Doors upon doors upon endless doors
But none the one you're searching for
A key is nothing without a destination
A promise of what lies beyond...

Sword in hand
Here I stand
There will always be dragons in the land
Their fire burns inside me
It's the light that fuels my lie

Shield raised up
Not enough
They say the thing that heals is love
But I wouldn't put it past them
For that too to be an empty gesture

A bright shiny distraction
Blinding as the orange flame of sky

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